Get a bike

Work on Volunteer Nights

Occasionally, Revolutions has tasks that need doing. When we do, we host Volunteer Nights. Volunteers can collect “Revolutions Bucks” coins for a volunteer session worked. These coins, worth 10 Revolutions Bucks, can be used to purchase one of our bikes in need of overhaul.

5 sessions earns a bike to be overhauled.

You must be a current Revolutions Member.

Join Online or any time the Shop is open!

Buy an Overhauled bike

These bikes are ready to ride and raise money for our programs. Overhauled bikes are available from $150 - $350. Accessories available at 15% off with a purchase of an overhauled bike.

Buy a bike that needs overhauling

Buy an as-is bike and Membership to Revolutions, and you will have access to our workshop, tools and used parts. Bikes are $50 + parts.


Purchase an as-is bike for children, youth, and adults for $25 - $100.